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Restaurant and Pizzerie

Ristorante Sabbia d'oro

The restaurant has over time become a reference point in the dining excellence in the province of Cosenza.

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Ristorante l'Ottagono

Just off the sea, “L’Ottagono” is the ideal setting for your receptions. A unique place where a great service, a renowned cuisine will make you one of the most important moments of your life.

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Casale Vecchia Fattoria

Typical restaurant, grill restaurant, pizzeria

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la Botte dei Sapori

Restaurant, Pizzeria, Paninoteca.

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Povero Pesce

Restaurant in the heart of Belvedere Marittimo

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Lids and Seaside Establishments

Lido Sabbia d'oro

The plant is situated in a natural creek between the Belvedere Marittimo and Diamante. Peculiar feature is the type of golden sand, similar to the Caribbean one. The well-stocked beach is equipped with well-kept and modern furnishings such as the floating barrier. At guests’ disposal and small children there is also a swimming pool situated a few meters from the shore. At the establishment there are three bars, complete with cafeteria, ice cream, newsagent and tobaccos, while at lunch you can refresh yourself at the restaurant.

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Il Bizzarro Beach Club

Bizzarro is a corner of paradise that for over twenty years offers you all your experience in the seaside tourism industry. Our Beach Club and the way it is run proposes a new seaside tourism, attentive to the needs and the customer’s entertainment, but also to its well-being and the protection of the environment. Our happiness is in your satisfaction.

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Excursions and Outdoor Activities

Fishing charter with Antonello Salvi

The ideal fishing tackle, according to my experience, lasts 1 day for any kind of technique you want to practice, but it can vary depending on the spots to be reached, the weather, and the fish to be subdued. It is no coincidence that I have created the guidelines, which, I repeat, are the result of my experiences, and from which I try to distract me as little as possible, to have the almost guarantee of having fun those who intend to live a fishing adventure with myself.

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The A.s.d. Laoraft Scalea affiliated to F.I.Raft. And CSEN, is backed directly to the Lao Action Raft Center, a shipping company born in Calabria in June 1996, based in Scalea. For years a landmark for the sport of river sports, offering you a range of activities that can satisfy every need for rafting lovers in Calabria. Twenty years of experience at your service with the sole purpose of promoting the territory where we operate, an environment of clear silver water that immerses in a deep blue sea, large green valleys and soft canyons corners.

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The motorboats “Galatea”, “CapoCaccia” and “Jacky Sea” will accompany you along the coast, discovering the natural wonders of these lands, such as the magnificent scenery of the Great Arch, Dino Island and the entire Gulf of Policastro.

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